Cryptocurrency Terms to Know Before You Invest

Here is a quick guide to cryptocurrency terms. We define technical terms, slang, acronyms, and other jargon related to cryptocurrency.

  • I2P

    Invisible Internet Project. A network layer that facilitates anonymous, censorship-resistant communication between users.

  • ICO

    Initial Coin Offering. An event in which a cryptocurrency project “goes public,” selling early coins in exchange for funds.


    When an asset (i.e. coin) cannot be easily bought or sold due to a lack of buyers or sellers in a market. If there are only a handful of buyers or sellers the price may be substantially higher (due to few sellers charging a premium) or substantially lower (due to a few buyers demanding discounts).

  • IOT

    Internet of Things. The system that will digitally connect physical objects, making them identifiable and traceable online.


    The process of increasing a cryptocurrency's supply, which usually drives its price down.


    Created each time coins are sent to an address.